Company Registration at Ajman Free Zone is a dream for many of entrepreneurs today from across the globe. Ajman Free Zone is considered as heaven for business by many of the entrepreneurs due to a number of advantages offered to the individuals who get registered here.

Reasons of Ajman Free Zone to be suitable for business and trade

Ajman Free Zone is actually at a location that is the entrance of the Arabian Gulf that serves for both eastern and western markets to set their business here. Ajman is very much accessible by two of international airports at Dubai and Sharjah along with four ports. Each year Ajman has a record of serving more than 1000 vessels and this is the reason it is also known as an important point for maritime recently. These are some of the main reasons why entrepreneurs from across the world show their interests in setting up their business at Ajman Free Zone.

Advantages at Ajman Free Zone

There are a number of benefits that the entrepreneurs here enjoy among which the very main benefit is the accessibility to international airports and ports. Apart from this particular advantage there are many more benefits that the registered companies do enjoy at Ajman Free Zone. One such benefit is that the cost of getting a company registered at Ajman Free Zone is much lesser in comparison to other Free Zones of UAE. This is because no company registration fees are levied at Ajman.

The companies getting registered at Ajman Free Zone also enjoy low costs of energy. Ajman is a hub for various manufacturing businesses that requires huge energy resources, thus the entrepreneurs from around the world consider Ajman Free Zone also a place to set up energy intensive businesses.

Foreign investors registering company at Ajman Free Zone enjoys tax free stay from various customs and duties and also freedom of owning or leasing a land for 20 years.

There are many more benefits that the companies getting registered at Ajman Free Zone enjoys such as ability to obtain four different types of licenses, cheaper and easier office set up and a work environment free from corruption as Ajman is stated as the 28th corruption free country in 2011.

Setting up business at Ajman Free Zone

As mentioned above setting up business at Ajman Free Zone is quite simple and easy. There are some of the important steps that has to be followed and that will lead to a registered company at Ajman. The entrepreneurs willing to set up their business first need to acquire the license for the particular business type that wishes to set up.

Then for the company registration they have to approach the Ajman Free Zone Authority with the filled up application form, planning of the business, passport, and other necessary documents required for the business set up. The Authority scrutinizes the planning, documents and the background of the company and then allows for the further legal proceedings. After approval is received from the Authority, within a couple of days, the company registration papers are handed over to the entrepreneur.