Company Registration DHCC – an option for worldwide healthcare centers to operate in Dubai

Company Registration DHCC has started since the establishment of the Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone in the year of 2002. It is a proof that Dubai is not only strong economically or in development, but also in fields such as healthcare.

The Reasons of setting up a business at DHCC

Companies who wish to get registered under DHCC or Dubai Healthcare City have to first decide for the department that they wish to apply for. DHCC or Dubai Healthcare City is divided into four major departments and these are healthcare, education and research, investment and regulation. Based on the department that the companies wish to apply for, they also have to apply for the type of license for the business set up. Again, based on the type of business license the company is acquiring, the process of company registration is started and followed.

Although the incorporation of the company is based on the types of license acquired, but it also depends on the type of organization that the company will be having, such as an LLC company or a branch company or a fully new enterprise. But the procedure for the business set up have some of the basic steps also after completing which, the legal proceedings are based upon the type of business set up down at Dubai Healthcare City or DHCC.

Basic steps of documentation

The initial step of the Company incorporation or Company Registration for Dubai Free Zone is documentation. The Authorities of Dubai Healthcare City is approached along with a filled up application and the supporting documents for the details provided in the application form. The application form is mainly file up in Arabic and the documents attached can be the photocopies of the passport, the business plan and others. In case of a branch company, also the details of the existing company are provided so that the authority can have an idea of the existing company.

All these documents are reviewed and scrutinized by different departments and then a letter of approval is offered to the applicant. Based on this particular letter, the applicant can proceed to the next legal steps for company registration according to the business type that has to be set up.

Facilities offered at Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai is a place where people get easily attracted to its modern facilities or amenities and development environment. Dubai Healthcare City also offers equally modern and comfortable facilities and benefits to the companies getting registered under DHCC Free Zone.

Like any other segments of the Dubai Free Zone, companies in Dubai Healthcare City are offered a 100% ownership over their companies and 15% tax free business life. Along with these there are many more benefits such as government support for any other business opportunities or investment in Dubai. Also the companies are exposed to a dense number of skilled manpower and a wide number of modern technologies that can help the companies in their operational functions.

This makes Dubai Healthcare City at present home to various healthcare companies from all over the world, among which some are the most renowned and popular names of the present day.