Countries offering Free Zone Licenses

At Free Zone Registration UAE, you can learn about some of the important facts and information about Free Zone Licenses. There are many countries in the world who allows local and foreign companies to work in the Free Zone and Non Free Zone sections. Basically Free Zone is an organization who allows companies to work without much restrictions and employees on Free Zone employment Visas are not entirely bounded by companies or labor law restrictions. Free Zone Registration Dubai has taken initiatives in providing Free Zone License in the field of business and corporate companies Among many countries, UAE is one such country that provides free zone license to the owners of the companies showing interest to do trade with the companies of Dubai.

Get to know the various types of trade:-

Trade license:

*Here, in this zone the trading between the companies of Dubai and the companies of other countries are free under Dubai Free Zone and License Ownership is 100% free in case of foreign companies and no license is required by the Economic Department.

Industrial license:

* Here, in this zone the exchange and manufacturing of products are done between the companies of Dubai and other countries. In Dubai Free Zone License Ownership too is 100% free for the foreign companies and thus no license is required.

Service license:

* In this zone various services like banking, construction, government services are given by the companies of Dubai to the other foreign companies who are operating in Dubai.

National Industrial license:

* In this zone national jobs and services are offered to the companies of other countries. Though Dubai Free Zone License provides a free zone still the verification of documents are mandatory. These licenses are renewed annually as a lease agreement in force with free trade zone.

Advantages in having trade with the countries having the free zone license:

Zero % income tax:

*The companies that deals their business with the companies of Dubai under free zone license, does not need to pay income taxes. They enjoy tax free salaries. Thus, by saving the money, they input it in the development of their business.

Zero % corporate tax :

* The companies that deals their business with the companies of Dubai under free zone license, does not need to pay corporate taxes. This helps them in saving their money and thereby allowing them in the enlargement of their industries.