Experience the diversified operations at different centers of Dubai Free Trade Zone

Company Registration in Dubai Free Zone can be the most ideal thought of starting a business in a developed way. Dubai is not only known all over the world for its developed and modern features but also is the first emirate of the United Arab Emirates that has started the model of Free Trade Zone. Today a wide number of companies and business owners plan and set their business in Dubai Free Trade Zone from a number of counties all over the world. Thus, it can be also said that Dubai is not only a paradise of scenic beauty but also a heaven for the foreign investors

More about Dubai Free Trade Zone

Dubai Free Trade Zone is identified to a place where the companies not only will fetch good business environment but also a number of added benefits. Advantages like tax exemption from most of the commercial taxes and custom duties have attracted a huge number of foreign investors to invest in the setting up a business at Dubai Free Zone. Along with this benefit there are many more other added benefits that adds on to the willing of various foreign investors and businessmen to start up a business set up here at Dubai Free Trade Zone. Dubai Free Trade Zone is mainly divided into 22 operational divisions that operate on a variety of activities. From logistics, to outsourcing to jewelry to healthcare, the foreign investment will be able to connect with almost all the business industries that he or she is into. Some of the known centers of operations at Dubai Free Zone are Dubai Outsource Centre, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai Healthcare center, Dubai Maritime center, and many more. Each center has its own features and unique functions that extend support towards the GDP of the United Arabs.

These centers of the Dubai Free Trade Zone take care of the needs and facilities of their registered companies and staffs. There are arrangements for the modern communication system so that no hindrance is faced in communicating. Arrangements are made of a developed security system for less number of misshapen in addition to Dubai being noted among the places with least crimes. Also the staffs and companies enjoy other facilities such as office spaces, coffee shops, corporate halls, training places, residences areas and many others that can help the operations of the companies.

Company Registration at Dubai Free Trade Zone

A company can get registered in Dubai Free Trade Zone based on the type of business that the companies wish to set up and also the type of business license that the company holds for the business set up. The licensing for the business set is taken care of by the Licensing and Registration Officer at Dubai Licensing and Registration Department. The procedures for company set and registration is held under the Authority of Dubai Free Trade Zone. In both the cases, the applicant has to submit the filled up application form along with valid documents which are verified by the authorities and are forwarded for the further proceedings.