The Dubai FREE Zones have always functioned towards providing different companies and firms belonging to different industries thrive for the best and provide maximum output both in terms of services and produce. In short they have created an ecosystem for these industries where they can grow in an economical free zone, with no requirement of paying heed to taxes and customs. The Dubai Media City Free Zone is no different and establishes similar ecosystem and conditions for media centric companies and firms. Media though the most sought after, yet is one of the most neglected sectors in terms of government attention. With the establishment of the Dubai Media City Free Zone in the year 2001, the Dubai Government established that not only is it concerned with helping the media boundaries of the regional market grow as well.

Getting registered with the Dubai Media City (DMC) :

Before getting on with the details of how you can get registered with the Dubai Media City Free Zone, you will first need detailed knowledge on which type of media centric companies and firms this specific Dubai FREE Zones holds. Some of the various types of companies that have taken shelter under this thriving zone, ever since its inception in the year 2001 include-

Advertising & Communication companies,

Marketing Services,

Media Services,

Event Management,

Media Support Services,

Media Consultancy,

Event Support Services,

New Media,

Freelancers, and

Non Profit Associations

In case that you fall under one of these groups, you and your company become eligible for Free Zone Registration with the Dubai Media City Free Zone. With professional help from registering companies such as the Free Zone Registration UAE, you can have your company, firm or yourself registered with the Dubai Media City Free Zone within a few days, which otherwise can take months.

The benefits of registering with the DMC :

The main motto of the Dubai Media City Free Zone is to extend to media companies and also individual professionals with a pro- business environment, where they can perform their best, with pure freedom. What does this freedom mean? Well this freedom is the core to all the benefits enjoyed by the media centric firms and companies in Dubai Media City Free Zone and include facilities like-

100% business ownership for both foreign and indigenous companies,

A number of value added services,

Tax free income,

venue management services,

networking opportunities,

government services, and finally

industry building programmes

Apart from all these already lucrative and highly benefitting services, the Dubai Media City Free Zone also allows the commercial media settings in its vicinity to communicate with each other and produce better results, economically, technologically and also in terms of marketing. Some of the well known companies that have established their roots in the Dubai Media City Free Zone are- Sony, CNN, Bertelsmann, Forbes, Showtime, CNBC, MBC, Reuters, etc. To enjoy all these benefits and more you will first need your Free Zone Registration with the Dubai Media City Free Zone.