Sharjah Free Trade Zone – offering the best place for business and trade

Company Registration for Sharjah Free Trade Zone at present can be stated as the best choice by many of the companies and business organizations of the present times. Started in the year of 1995, Sharjah Free Trade Zone is one of such Free Zone that is at a perfect merger of the east and west due to its location and facilities offered. The Free Zone is connected with the Arabian Gulf and Arabian ocean as shipping ports and is situated just opposite to the Sharjah International Airport that serves effectively as a channel for trade and logistics. Along with the location of the Free Zone, there are many various other reasons that attract a number of industrialists and business oriented individuals to set up business here.

Bnefits of settieng up business in Sharjah Free Trade Zone

It can be clearly stated and noticed that the main reason for the companies from all over the world to set up business here in Sharjah Free Trade Zone is its convenient location that is ideal for trade and logistics. But as mentioned before, only location is not the reason for companies getting registered in Sharajah. Additionally there are many more others reasons that include the benefits offered by the Sharjah Free Trade Zone to the registered companies.

Sharjah Free Zone offers 100% ownership over the companies to the foreign investors. The registered companies are thus entitled to a number of benefits that are supported by the Sharjah government such as tax exemption from commercial taxes and custom duties. The companies are also allowed to own land or lease land for almost 15 – 20 years of time in Sharjah. Similarly, the registered companies and their owners can also invest in any other business and investment structures in Sharjah supported by the Sharjah government.

The registered companies at Sharjah Free Trade Zone are offered the basic features of life-of-the-art for their working condition and also for their residential comfort. They are offered with office spaces that are fully equipped with most of the modern facilities such as communication and security service. The companies can have access to some of the best resources here such as raw materials for manufacturing business or high skilled manpower for operations. The staffs and employees at the offices of Sharjah Free Trade Zone are also offered residential facilities along with other related benefits.

Procedure of setting up a business in Sharjah Free Trade Zone

Sharjah Free Zone also follows almost the same procedures that other Emirate Free Zones do follow for company registration. The Licensing and Registration department of Sharjah takes care of the licensing of the business that depends upon the type of business that the applicant has. The registration process is started and completed by the Authority of Sharjah Free Trade Zone, where the registration of the company highly depends upon the license that the applicant has applied for or also on the type of business set up to be started. Presently, there are also some third parties who become a bridge in between the applicant and the authorities to make the process even simpler and smoother than before.