U.A.E. offshore company is an option which is designed to set the International Business in Dubai, U.A.E at lower costs. These companies which comes under the U.A.E offshore company segment are also allowed to hold local properties and local bank accounts:

Jabel Ali Offshore Company

In 2003, Jabel Ali Free Zone established the first "Dubai Offshore Company" under "Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ) Offshore Companies Regulations 2003". These companies can be used for International trade holding UAE local bank account. Also, they are permitted to own the real estate properties in Dubai, U.A.E. Today, 'Jafza Offshore' is the only option left for those who are looking for property possession in UAE because after January 2011, the UAE's local authorities prohibited all the rest of the offshore companies from possessing properties in Dubai.

At least one shareholder and 2 directors are required. These corporate shareholders inside the U.A.E offshore company are certified but not the corporate directors. The director of the company who is managing the office in Jafza is given one residential visa. The companies under U.A.E offshore company has an appropriate license in the free zone; otherwise it will not be permitted to do any kind of business within the UAE, with the residents of UAE or trade in the JAFZA/UAE. In order to conduct the customary operational transactions, the company is allowed to hold a local bank account in the Dubai UAE.