The Dubai FREE Zones are aimed towards creating a high facility zone for all types of businesses to come settle in their territory and grow towards new limits, over their period of function. The ZonesCorp Free Zone is absolutely no different and walks and functions on the same objective. The ZonesCorp has also come to be known as the UAE Industrial park. As the name signifies, the ZonesCorp Free Zone hub has facilitated the establishment of a number of different commercialised industries over the time of its existence and has helped them to run their business better with facilities that they could have scarcely found in the other parts of the world.

The different Zones of this specific Industrial Free Zone :

The ZonesCorp Free Zone is divided in to a number of different zones to help in establishment and grouping of similar industries. Some of the various zones are-


Extending over 14 squares Km, this zone has seen the establishment of industries involved in heavy to medium scale manufacturing of different products such as- construction materials, different metal products, fibreglass and also products made of plastics. This sector also holds industries, contributing in the engineering and processing of similar products.


This zone is mostly dedicated to light to medium scale manufacturing industries, teamed with processing and engineering industries. This sector of 11sq KM in ZonesCorp Free Zone mainly takes care of wood processing, oil & gas, engineering, chemicals, and construction materials.


Spread over 12sq KM, the ICAD III zone in the ZonesCorp Free Zone plays host to a number of industries, including- gas, oil, engineering zone, wood, zone for construction materials, etc.

- Al Ain Industrial City (I&II):

This 10sq KM sector of the ZonesCorp Free Zone is situated between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and has developed as a multi-use development sector for different industries engaged in light to medium manufacturing, engineering and processing of different materials and products. Some of these, include- wood, gas, oil, plastic, chemicals, textiles and finally food.

- Worker's Residential Cities:

With so many industries located in the different sectors of the ZonesCorp Free Zone, there has repeatedly surfaced the need of large scale workers. This in turn has ignited the demand for their accommodation, which in turn has acted as the base for the construction of the Worker;s Residential Cities.

More zones are to be added to the ZonesCorp Free Zone. Some of these zones are the- ICAD IV & V, Construction & Building Materials Zone and Worker's residential cities.

The need for registration:

In case that you are intending to open one or more of your businesses in any of these sectors, you will first need to be registered with the ZonesCorp Free Zone. This is a lengthy process, shortened by the professional efforts of Free Zone Registration services extended by Free Zone Registration UAE. The company will help you comply with all the rules and regulations, submission of needful documents and participation in the mandatory activities to get you your license in time. Free Zone Registration services by Free Zone Registration UAE also include expert consultation.