Like any other Free Zone in the Emirates, the Abu Dhabi Free Zones work to generate the economical status of the region by welcoming both indigenous as well as foreign businesses and investors. The Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone is one such free zone that has been attracting a lot of attention and activity from aviation centric businesses. But how does it attract so many investing businesses from around the globe? The answer to this is plain and simple. With the number of facilities that the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone has to offer, there is no reason as to why businesses should not be opting for it.

The Abu Dhabi Airport City (ADAC) Fee Zone :

The ADAC or the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone is being brought to life by the SkyCity, which is basically a subsidiary to the ADAC or the Abu Dhabi Airports Company. The zone consumes a total of 12 square kilometres and falls under the periphery of the Abu Dhabi International Airport. With the grant of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council resolution No (61) passed in the year 2010, the ADAC was persistent to developing free zones for the accommodation of the one stop shopping facilities, business parks, etc, in the perimeter of the international airport in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone is planned to be set up in two different phases. These two phases are-

PHASE 1 : The phase 1 in the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone is going to be holding the different companies that will be operating in aviation, warehousing, cargo, logistics, supply, Repair, Maintenance and Overhaul sectors.

PHASE 2 : The phase 2 is going to be home to light scale industrial units, storage units, plots of lands for development purposes and also warehousing units. These phases are being developed to provide a new angle and a better scope to Abu Dhabi's economical scene and enhance it in a smaller compass of time.

Choosing and registering with ADAC :

A number of businesses belonging to the related field have been investing in the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone and there are good enough reasons for it too. Some of the many reasons that have influenced people to invest in one of the fastest growing Abu Dhabi Free Zones are :

100% tax exemption on income and profit,

100% exemption to customs,

repatriation of profits and capital

100% ownership to foreign companies, and

Access to the whole area of the airport and also to all airport services.

These are only some of the reasons that have influenced businesses from over the world to invest in the project and opt for their Free Zone Registration with Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone.

The registration process is a rather lengthy one, with a lot of steps to fulfil and a lot of requirements to be catered to with appropriate documentation, payments, etc. In case that you are finding this a bit befuddling, taking to professional help for your Free Zone Registration is of no shame.