When it comes to the Free Zone in Sharjah and the companies in UAE. First thing comes to mind are the Free Zone Registrations for all kinds of Companies and Corporations. It is extremely important to understand the meanings of what the Free Zones are all about and why they are categorically being defined in terms of running the business firms or companies.

There are 2 Free Zones in Sharjah.

Hamriyah Free Zone

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone ( Saif Zone)

Free Zones are the autonomous body and acts as an official labor sponsor. These Free Zones operate outside the Laws of the ministry of labor. Free Zones form an important part of UAE, since Free Zones can only sponsor your labor or employment visa. As far as the resident visa is concerned, the company itself is your sponsor.

The bureaucracy is almost nonexistent in UAE, with the absence of Government intervention, encourages the foreign investors to set up their business firms and trading companies contributing to the overall development of the economy.

You can get started now with the Free Zone Registration of your company in either of these Free Zones in Sharjah (Hamriyah Free Zone or Saif Zone) based on your area of choice.

Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah Free Zone is located in the emirate of Sharjah in UAE. Hamriyah Free Zone is fast becoming the Hub in the United Arab Emirates Industrial Development Sector. Hamriyah Free Zone company registration is endeavored to offer free competitive incentives and excellent opportunities to establish a business firm in a completely tax free environment with full company ownership, exemptions from all commercial levies and repatriation of profits & capital. Hamriyah Free Zone covers the geographical territory of approximately 22 million square meters of prime industrial & commercial land plus 14 million deepwater port which provides the scope for the expansion.

Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ) was established by an Emiri decree issued in November 12, 1995.Hamriyah Free Zone has easy access by linking with all seven emirates also providing connections to neighboring Gulf States closer to the Straits of Hormuz than other southern emirates ports. It's only a few miles away from Sharjah city and industrial areas. Since the port is adjacent to Hamriyah Free zone (HFZ), thus the Free Zone investors can save time & cost.

Hamriyah Free Zone Advantages

Land on lease up to 25 years renewed.

Affordable cost of living

Liberty for personnel recruitment

Economical workforce

Highly developed infrastructure

Telecommunication connectivity for UAE sea ports

A business savvy setup includes pre built warehouses

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone ( Saif Zone )

The Sharjah Airport International Free Zone was set up in 1995, it's the premier business destination in the UAE. Situated in the emirate of Sharjah. The Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (Saif) is considered to be An Ideal Business Hub particularly for all free zone company registrations & trading establishments. Dedicated to its quality & excellence. Saif- Zone is the embodiment of effective & efficient operations. The most chosen, better and reliable alternative for the business ventures in the UAE and beyond. Saif-Zone is adjacent to the Sharjah International Airport. Saif-Zone provides the freedom of doing the business your way.

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF) covers a wide array of industries, companies includes some of the biggest names in the field of IT services, media consumer durables, light to medium manufacturing and a host to lots of other companies.

Saif-Zone Advantages

Saif-Zone is the fastest growing Airport Free Zone in the region.

Sharjah Ports & Free zones offers the potential businessmen and investors full freedom in matters of transactions besides repatriation of capital and gains.

Solid industrial base, proactive policies , pragmatic approach, a stable government and an attractive incentive package have drawn a high proportion of foreign investments in to Sharjah in recent years.

Other advantages includes temporary storage area , container parking area.

Highly qualified bilingual staff.