Free Zone Dubai has a special economic place for Business Setup in Dubai. Free Zone Registration offers a wide array of service for Business Setup in Dubai. Free Zone Registration is having the experienced professionals to guide you in all stages of business setup in Dubai. We do all the legal documentation for the Commercial, Professional, Industrial Business to obtain the license from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Business Setup in Dubai is the biggest dream of all the investors and entrepreneurs today. Dubai has a hot and humid climate with varied and multicultural society. Dubai is a place where young, motivated entrepreneurs and investors flock the city to have one vision and that is to have their Business Setup in Dubai. After Abu Dhabi, it records the second largest emirate. Also, it is the most populous city of the UAE. Dubai has developed so much in recent years and managed to attract the attention of the entire world, especially the investors and entrepreneurs inspiring to have Business Setup in Dubai. It has become one of the leading business hubs of the world by attracting foreign businesses worldwide through international projects like sports events, real estate projects etc.

Dubai has become the busiest global platform and the center of excellence and today it has been recognized as one of the biggest commercial capitals. The business growth and increasing jobs have given rise to the expansion of infrastructure and the positive push towards the growth of Business Setup in Dubai. Dubai, UAE is known for its Cosmopolitan Lifestyle and today as an open economy, it is enhancing its top quality offices, residential accommodations, first class hotels, schools, shops and hospitals. It has been more than 30 years now of oil discovery in Dubai, that actually has converted the lifestyle of Dubai completely. Today, Dubai is known for being a place with a high profile lifestyle, lucrative investment incentives, superb communications, stable economy and some additional bonuses of excise-free lifestyle for pleasure, leisure and business. Let's have a look what it is all about:

No foreign exchange controls or trade barriers

No corporate or income taxes

Safety and security comes first

World class telecommunications and IT infrastructure

House to 8th wonder of the world (Palm Trilogy) and world's tallest tower(Burj Dubai)

Straightforward Legal framework for companies

Sophisticated Banking and Financial services sector

Free enterprise system

100% repatriation of capital and profits

Business Setup Service Range

Business Center


Business Acquisition

Business Consultancy

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