Dubai Free Zones are dedicated towards providing top class working environments teamed with the best in class facilities to all the sectors of world economy. The Jebel Ali Free Zone specifically is dedicated towards providing commercialised office spaces to firms that are in need of functioning offices. The project was first incepted in the year 1985 and ever since has been growing to add further units to help more companies to come under its vicinity. In the year 1990 the Jebel Ali Free Zone saw noticeable expansion and also accepted Free Zone Registration from light weight industries, who participated in the production of light weight products.

The Functionality of the JAFZA :

Many a companies or industries need an office unit to help the management to function properly. Finding a place that is cost effective, yet provides some of the best functional facilities and benefits is not only difficult, but is impossible in many scenarios. But this is not the case with the Jebel Ali Free Zone. Some of the many functional units you find within this Free Zone include-

Ready to use furnished & semi- furnished offices,

Business centres,


Warehouses, and

Ready plots for infrastructure.

With so many types of different commercial setting being availed in this one of the most sought after Dubai FREE Zones, the Jebel Ali Free Zone has also emerged as one of the zones that provide maximum functionality to the commercial sector.

Why chose JAFZA?

Ever since the Jebel Ali Free Zone opened its specially designed security gates for the commercial crowd, companies from all over the world have entered its perimeter to enjoy all it has to offer. The JAFZA is considered to be the most dynamic of all commercial crossroads, where businesses can come across a number of different marketing and expanding benefits. Some of the more prominent benefits or advantages of getting Free Zone Registration with JAFZA include-

100 Percent foreign ownership.

No scene of any restriction on the capital repatriation.

Zero Percent corporate tax.

Zero percent tax on personal income.

Absolutely no duties to be paid on import or re-export.

No restrictions on use of currency.

Permission for hypothecation or mortgage of property to banks and other financial institutions.

No restriction on the hiring of employees from a foreign land.

Onsite Customs.

All these benefits provided by Jebel Ali Free Zone are enjoyable for a stretch of 50 years. These concessions can thereafter be renewed at the end of the term of fifty years.

These reasons are enough to lure any company, both belonging to the foreign as well as the regional market to invest in a plot or office inside the Jebel Ali Free Zone. Every aspect of the Jebel Ali Free Zone is Free Zone has been designed to meet each and every need of the different manufacturing and trading companies who have already invested or are planning to invest in Jebel Ali Free Zone, hence, creating a dynamic eco-system for all.