Abu Dhabi Free Trade Zone – an investment attraction for various foreigners

Company Registration in Abu Dhabi Free Trade Zone is considered to be the most attractive options for various foreign investors who wish to invest and start a business venture in the UAE. Abu Dhabi Free Trade Zone is a part of the Emirate's huge business environment that offers an ambitious economy for both locals and foreign investors. Every year many investors from all over the world plan and execute the starting of business in this zone. The Abu Dhabi Free Zones are mainly specialized in the businesses such as media, heavy industries, logistics and many others, hence offering a wide range of options of people.

Establishing and starting of the business

Since attracting foreign investment without much of barriers remain the main motive of the Free Zones at Abu Dhabi, thus the procedures and steps involved in the company registration with Abu Dhabi Free Trade Zone is also simple and quite manageable. Though the procedure of getting a company registered is easy and very less time consuming but still there are a number of mediators who can make the registration process even more simpler and easier in return of a minor fees. Taking help from such mediators can be the best way to attain a registration but still one can also get his or her company registered on own.

The registration of the company at Abu Dhabi Free Trade Zone is controlled and taken care by the Free Zone Authority. The applicant has to fill up an application form and then have to submit the form along with some of the documents such as the passport copy and also with a planning copy for the company in the particular area. The planning must have all the important details such the type of company to be started, products and services of the business, location for the office and many others.

The authorities scrutinize the documents and also the background of a company if an existing company wishes to start up a branch here. After confirming all the verifications, the applicants are offered with a letter of acceptance that proves that the application has been approved and it has been forwarded for further legal proceedings. Accordingly the applicant also has to apply for the license as per the type of business that he or she will be managing at Abu Dhabi Free Trade Zone.

Advantages for the companies

When a company gets registered at Abu Dhabi Free Trade Zone, there are a number of benefits and advantages that are offered. The very first benefit is that the company is freed from all the excise duties and taxes for almost 20 years. The company can also own a land or offer it for lease for almost 20 years and the company can also exercise 100 percent ownership being a foreign investor. Also the company enjoys a high quality of resources such as cheap and skilled manpower or a low cost environment for operations. Thus, a place with various benefits and fully fledged resources make Abu Dhabi Free Trade Zone a destination for many foreign investors.