Company Registration Dafza - Documents and Procedures Required

Company Registration DAFZA has become even simpler and easier in the recent times due to a number of changes made and also due to the presence of a number of mediators who aid help to the applicants in getting their companies registered in Dubai Airport Free Zone or DAFZA. Established in the year of 1996, at a location that is just in front of the Dubai International Airport, DAFZA is home to a number of business activities that covers logistics, automotives, health and many more under which a huge number of foreign investors start their business here at DAFZA. With an increased number of investments from both the local investors as well as foreign investors, DAFZA is at present a main source GDP in Dubai.

Advantages of Company Registration DAFZA

Company Registration DAFZA offers a number of advantages and benefits to the companies getting registered here. Starting with the basic facilities of a modern security system, high quality communication system and many others, the company registration DAFZA is also entitled to a number of other benefits and facilities. They can avail resources such as manpower and other necessities at a cheap cost and also an environment that is absolutely perfect for operations. Even the customer footfall gained by these companies is an added advantage.

Also the registered companies are entitled to have a tax free stay for 20 years and along with other facilities such as owning and leasing of land, 100% foreign ownership and many others. During the stay, the company owner is also free to invest in any other projects in Dubai and the company along with the owner is entitled to get full support in any of such cases from the Dubai government. Thus, with so many benefits and facilities to offer, DAFZA is no doubt a place of attraction for many of the foreign investors from all over the world.

Documentation and company registration DAFZA

Though the process of company registration DAFZA is not that difficult, but it has a number of important steps that has to be followed properly. An application form for the company registration DAFZA has to be filled up along with the details of the business. This application form can be availed online or can be received from the Free Zone Authority office. The form is submitted with documents such as a copy of the passport, a plan of the business and others.

The authorities approve the application based upon the various points such as the location, business type, background of the company (if exists) and many others. Also the license for the procurement of the business has to be attained by the applicant based on the type of the business that he or she is willing to start in DAFZA. After the various legal proceedings of about ten to twelve days the license is attained by the applicant and also the same almost same amount of time is taken for the company to get registered under the authorities of Dubai Airport Free Zone or DAFZA.