Company Registration DOZ or getting the company registered in Dubai Outsource Zone is a great way to be a part of a wide range of Outsourcing Free Zones that caters to the industries of IT, healthcare, education, operations and many others. As present DOZ or Dubai Outsource Zone of Dubai Free Zone is known to provide its services at some of the best neighboring places such as the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and many others. Some of the best outsourcing companies have their operations here at the Dubai Outsource Zone and this makes this place an attraction for some of the other best outsourcing companies from across the globe.

The Reasons of setting up business at DOZ

There are a number of reasons why outsourcing companies across the world gets attracted to set up their business operations in Dubai Outsource Zone. Some of the basic reasons are the benefits that the Company Registration DOZ (DUBAI Outsource zone) Free Zones are provided such as 100% foreign ownership, tax free business life, and proper support and cooperation by the Dubai government. Also the legal rules and regulations at Dubai Free Zones are almost equal to the international legal regulations that make the survival of the foreign bodies here at the Dubai Free Zone much easier.

Dubai is a center of attraction for many people also for its highly developed lifestyle. Company Registration DOZ (Dubai Outsource Zone) offers a high quality communication system and also some of the best modern facilities that would make people feel at home. DOZ at Dubai Free Zone also offers a number of added features and benefits to the companies such as conference halls for corporate meetings and events, office spaces, home related and other eminent personal services and many more that can add as butter over the toast.

If thought from the business point of view, then Dubai is one of the best places for outsourcing business as because the city has never faced a crisis of manpower. Companies in Dubai Outsource Zone are just a touch away from the best skilled manpower from places like India, Iran, Egypt and many other places. As Dubai has been considered among the most developed places in the world, thus manpower from these places are always keen to seek opportunities here and hence offer a number of options to the companies at Dubai Outsource Zone of the Free Zone for unlimited employment opportunities.

Getting the companies registered at DOZ

Authority of Dubai Technology and Media is the responsible head, that approves for the Company Registration DOZ at The Dubai Free Zone. The procedure of Company Registration DOZ (Dubai Outsource Zone) consists of filling up of the application form and then submitting it to the authority along with the documents that are added as a prove for the details that have been provided in the application form. After reviewing the documents and taking permission from various departments of the Dubai government, the registration process of the company is approved. Then after certain legal methods, the registration of the company, licensing of the business and others are done within 2 weeks time approximately.