Company Registration ZonesCorp – a perfect way to set up your business in the modern business world.

Company Registration ZonesCorp offers a number of companies from worldwide to have a splendid experience of setting up a business in a place where you get the beautiful blend of the historic Arabian culture & the golden desert combined with the modern technologies. This is not all at the Abu Dhabi Free Zone. Presently, Abu Dhabi has also proved itself to be one of the most developed Free Zones with all the possible technologies and modern facilities that can attract a large number of foreign investors and businessmen to set up their business here in industries like logistics, IT, agriculture and many such diversified places.

ZonesCorp – a perfect place for business set up

The economy of Abu Dhabi actually boosted with the large reservoirs of oil and then with the growth of technology and social development. Abu Dhabi, being the capital of the UAE also entered industries of tourism and sports. Now Abu Dhabi does not depend primarily on the oil business, but has a number of other industries that is taking it to a new height and is also adding to the GDP of UAE. There is a huge number of reasons, benefits and advantages of why people from all over the world arrive at Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp to set up their business here.

The key benefits here are that the companies getting their "Company Registration" done under ZonesCorp enjoy a great support system from the government in investments, and other business opportunities and thus welcoming the foreign investors with an investment and business climate. The offices set up by the businessmen are offered with various facilities such as infrastructure, manpower, modern features and many more that can help them in a smooth running ambience and working environment for the business.

The companies getting registered here under the Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp to get their "Company Registration" done, enjoy a duty free access to various products and Trade Agreement. Also, there are tax exemptions from various commercial taxes and custom duties that is the main attraction for the foreign investors here at Abu Dhabi for "Company Registration" ZonesCorp.

Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp is at present a hub for a number of training centers and hence, the companies getting registered here are assured to get skilled and highly trained staff and team members. The location of ZonesCorp is one more positive point for starting a business here. It is just 10 minutes ride from the Abu Dhabi International Airport and about 50 minutes from the Jebel Ali Port, thus making the place a perfect business hub with great logistic features and facilities.

Registration of the companies at Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

The companies willing to start a business at Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp can incorporate business under a number of types such as a general partnership company, public shareholding firm, private shareholding company, a joint venture set up, sole proprietorship firm, appointing a branch of already existing companies and many others. To incorporate a business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone, the applicant also has to decide upon the license that he or she will be having based on the type of business that will be set up such as service license, trade license, and many others.