DAFZA Free Zone or Dubai Airport Free Zone was established in the year 1996 and it deals with business of various articles such as automotives, health care and many more. Various people from around the world travel down here to start up there business with DAFZA in different items. This is the reason DAFZA Free Zone Registration has been contributing to the increase of the GDP of Dubai to a great extend since its establishment. Being just opposite to the airport and a high standard working force with ultra modern infrastructure, DAFZA Free Zone is no doubt a place to attract a number of businessmen from around the world.

Procedures involved in setting up a business with DAFZA

DAFZA Free Zone offers business to a wide number of people around the world and thus every year a lot many people are attracted to this place a better opportunity in business. But they have some strict and lengthy procedures passing which a person gets the opportunity to start up a business here. Free Zone Registration includes a number of procedures such as documentation, approvals, planning and many more. Sometimes such registration for DAFZA Free Zone may become very complicated and thus a person may seek help from a number of places such as Free Zone Registration UAE.

The very first thing for Free Zone Registration is planning. It is important to plan properly that which type of business the person will deal with at DAFZA Free Zone. It is necessary to plan for this question because it is an eminent part for registration of DAFZA Free Zone to select a type of business first. Then the individual has to choose other legal matters also such as staff recruitment or any price list for its goods and services. After all these selection procedure, it is te time to start the paper work for DAFZA Free Zone.

Documentation for registration procedure for DAFZA

The actual registration for DAFZA Free Zone starts when an individual fixes an appointment at the Registration and Licensing counter of the Dubai Department of Economic Development. A form is provided from the counter that has to be filled up in Arabic as per guided by the Registration and Licensing staff. There are various documents to be submitted with the form such as the passport or the visa or some papers in supporting of the information provided for DAFZA Free Zone registration. After the submission of the form along with all the photocopy of the relevant documents, the individual now needs to wait for approval.

The bunch is presented in front of various government bodies for approval in order to get registration for DAFZA Free Zone. The various departments can be the Dubai Municipality Corporation, Dubai Commercial or Economics and other places. These may vary based on the types of the business. After the approval has been gained from the different sectors, now the license for DAFZA Free Zone can be gained from the Registration and Licensing counter. There are some special places such as Free Zone Registration UAE that can help various individuals to gain Free Zone Registration in a smooth way.