In case that you are looking forward to having your business settled in Dubai, the Dubai FREE Zones is the best option you have got. From heavy scale manufacturing industries to engineering and processing ones, from professional industries to ones involved with trading, the Dubai FREE Zones are geared to have them all and provide for each one of them the base to grow further in their functions. One such Free Zone that deserves special mention is the Dubai Auto Parts City (DAPC). This free zone works towards developing the re- exports of automotives and all sorts of Auto part from Dubai.

The DAPC :

The Dubai Auto Parts City (DAPC) is the result of the hard work of the Auto parts Merchants Group, also referred to as the APMG, compiled with the consent from the Dubai Ports and Customs Executives and the Dubai Government as a whole. The sole motto of building the Dubai Auto Parts City (DAPC) has been of generating and increasing the already existent resale of automotive parts from Dubai. Apart from exporting regular spare parts, the Dubai Auto Parts City (DAPC) is also to boost the export of other important automotive parts, such as the- auto batteries, tyres and also different automotive accessories that have huge demand in foreign markets.

This specific Dubai FREE Zone has been allocated 12 million square feet of land to start the project and play host to a huge number of industries which will participate in the production, engineering, processing and distribution of all these automotive products and parts. Apart from this the Dubai Auto Parts City (DAPC) will also play host to professional firms that will control the working of these different industries. It is estimated that from the present position of the re-exports, which is stagnant between DH 300- DH 400 on a yearly basis, will soon increase in leaps and bounds.

Registering with the DAPC :

There is a lot that goes in to the Free Zone Registration process with the Dubai Auto Parts City (DAPC). One can company that can surely rise to the occasion to help you in the most time and cost efficient manner is the Free Zone Registration UAE.

There are a lot of choices that need to be made. Some of which include-

Choosing the right sort of license for one's business

Choosing the right sector for location of business in Dubai Auto Parts City (DAPC)

Choosing the right type of ownership. You can choose from self ownership, partnership, joint venture, etc.

Filing for the Free Zone Registration

Finding out the necessary documents to be submitted

Arranging and Submitting the necessary documents and other attachable materials

Complying with every single rule and regulation proposed by the Dubai Auto Parts City (DAPC) management.

With professional help from Smart Zone UAE, these steps no longer feel like chores, as every responsibility is undertaken by the registration firm. In case that you are confused with any part of the Dubai Auto Parts City (DAPC) registration process, help will be provided at the shortest.