Registration for the world's best cool chain management at Dubai Flower Center Free Zone

To get a Dubai Free Zone registration for Dubai Flower Center Free Zone, normally candidates follow the guidelines provided by the Licensing and Registration staffs but there are some special services such as Free Zone Registration UAE to provide extra help for the same.

DFC Free Zone Registration

Dubai Flower Center Free Zone is a hub for horticulture growth in Dubai with a great location that is quite easily accessible to the international airport of Dubai. Presently the world has seen a growth in the industry of perishable goods that includes also flower. This is the reason Dubai, being a great attraction for many of the business oriented people have considered this particular industry to be a part of it. Dubai Flower Center Free Zone is a mark of ensuring high quality and profitable commercial activities in the industry of horticulture especially flowers.

As Dubai is considered to be a major hub for trade of flower and so Dubai Flower Center Free Zone ( DFC ) has been developed to take this industry to a next level. Today, with the best of modern technologies and facilities to incorporate profit, Dubai Flower Center Free Zone is known to be the best across the world among the cool chain managements. It is considered by the developers of the Dubai Flower Center Free Zone that modifications and development can never stop and become stagnant and thus there is always a continued process for updates with the recent technologies each time.

Presently, Dubai Flower Center Free Zone covers a floor area of around 100,000 sq meters. This area covers various offices for the trade of flowers and other horticulture products and thus making Dubai Flower Center Free Zone capable of about handling flowers till 150,000 tons.

Registration for Dubai Flower Center

At present Dubai Flower Center Free Zone have almost 19 tenants from different parts of the world and thus dealing with variety of horticulture products such as flowers, fruits and vegetables. Thus, Dubai Flower Center Free Zone apart from increasing the country's revenue and offering jobs to the locals also allows people from other countries to take part in the industry. There are some steps that are required for a legal registration in Dubai Free Zone.

The initial step is to submit the business plan along with the application form and other necessary documents to the Dubai Flower Center Free Zone for review. The officials at Dubai Flower Center Free Zone to review the documents and also the background the applicant company before going to the next step. On approval they will provide a Letter of Approval that means to proceed to the next stage.

Now the application company has to submit the legal documents for registration of various things such as warehouse and others at Dubai Flower Center Free Zone. The final acceptance letter is offered after reviewing all the legal documents. Now the applicant company has to apply for a Trade License for Free Zone Registration. The executives of Free Zone Registration UAE can help the applicants to know about which license they should apply for Dubai Flower Center Free Zone. Upon getting the license and completion of Free Zone Registration, they can start their business set up.