Dubai FREE Zones are aimed at extending a better and more efficient working environment for businesses from around the world. With a whole lot of advantages provided by these zones, there is no limits as to how much these businesses can prosper, teamed with the right resources and ideas. The Dubai Internet City Free Zone is no different and works with the same objective of building a knowledge centric technological hub for businesses throughout the world, to come and settle down in. Hence working on these principles, the Dubai Internet City Free Zone has developed to be one of the most sought after regions for business establishment as well.

The DIC or the Dubai Internet City :

What is the Dubai Internet City Free Zone you ask? Well the DIC is mainly an information technology park that has been up- righted by the Government of Dubai as a free zone. To clarify further it can be said, by Free Zone it is meant that it is a zone where economical activities can be carried on for free, with exemption to taxes and customs. The Dubai Internet City Free Zone in the last few years has emerged as one of the most targeted spots for international businesses looking for a sustainable and profiting spot for settlement in the emerging indigenous market. Some of the major heads that the benefits provided by this specific Dubai FREE Zones falls under, include-


Taxation, and


All these benefits are settled to be provided to the incoming businesses by the Dubai Internet City Free Zone for a preliminary period of 50 years.

One of the reasons that foreign Information Technology (IT) Firms, such as IBM, HP, Microsoft, Nokia, Cognizant, Siemens, Oracle Corporations, Cisco, etc have come to settle here is the facility of having 100% foreign ownership. This is a facility specific to the different Dubai FREE Zones.

Registering with the DIC :

Though the facilitates provided by the Free Zone might be uber lucrative, the steps and the rules incorporated in settling for Free Zone Registration for this specific zone is quite a turn off for many. When there are so many facilities and prospects at stake, there surely will be a lot of rule and regulations, presented by Dubai Internet City Free Zone to comply with. In case that you are finding it hard to follow each and every one of them, professional firms such as Smart Zone UAE are more than willing to help you with it.

These firms are well versed with any and every kind of Free Zone Registration and can guide you throughout the process in the most efficient and time effective manner. This will allow you to choose the right kind of licence, produce all the paper, comply with every regulation, meet deadlines and also get the best spot on the land. All these teamed together will help you get your registration with Dubai Internet City Free Zone, on time and also in the most cost effective manner.