A new addition to the Dubai Free Zones is the Dubai Maritime City Free Zone. It is a part of the Dubai World Group and being a new addition to the Dubai Free Zones, foreign investors are invited to avail its facilities and benefits. Located in between Port Rashid and Dubai Dry Docks, surrounded by the Arabian Gulf waters, Dubai Maritime City Free Zone claims to have the best environment for maritime community globally. With great infrastructure and services, it has attracted many companies for maritime leasing and yet many are destined to join.

Details about Dubai Maritime City

Dubai maritime City Free Zone is divided into six major districts that are Industrial Precinct, Academic Quarter, Marina District, Harbor Residence, Harbor Offices and Maritime Centre. Each district has their own operational responsibility such as the Industrial Precinct deals with the repairing of the ships and is a hub for many warehouses and workshops. The Academic Quarter has classes of various fields such as naval sciences and engineering. The Marina District is an amenity district that has restaurants, shopping complexes and others. Also the Harbor Residence is all about accommodation facilities and Harbor Offices is the business center for Dubai Maritime City Free Zone. Lastly, the Maritime Centre is the international hub for global maritime companies.

After having Free Zone Registration for Dubai Maritime City Free Zone, the companies get facilities of no taxation for 50 years, 100% ownership, skilled labors and many more that are all benefited by other Dubai Free Zones.

Licensing and Registration at Dubai Maritime City

To get Free Zone Registration done for Dubai Maritime City, a foreign investor can choose from three business types that are Free Zone establishment, Free Zone Company or a particular branch office. There are a number of licenses among which the companies have to select for getting registered for Dubai maritime City Free Zone. The companies can apply for licenses from maritime services license, education and research license, management license, and yatch manufacture and repair license.

The companies have to fulfill a number of criterions such as holding of shareholders from 1 number of 5 numbers or directors from 2 numbers to 5 numbers. Also there is a registration charge that some of the companies may have to pay depending upon the business type incorporated. The shareholders of companies registered for Dubai maritime City Free Zone should also have to be a part of the residential society at the Dubai Free Zones.

For applying for the registration, the companies has to submit the various articles for the business along with the application form and the photocopies of various related documents to the management board of the Authority of Dubai Maritime City Free Zone. After the documents and articles are verifies and examined, the management offers a letter of Acceptance upon which the later on legal proceedings are followed on for the registration of the company in the Dubai Maritime City Free Zone. After all the legal proceedings the companies are provided with the required license.