Dubai Free Zones are now a part of the world's best economies based on knowledge and are continuously developing. This has given rise to establishment of Dubai Outsource Zone Free Zone. It has at present become a hub for various outsourcing companies that not only offers their outsourcing services but also extends their service for disaster recovery. Dubai Outsource Centre Zone Free Zone caters requirements at outsourcing from the Middle East, US, Asia, Africa and Europe. A number of sectors have come up in Dubai Outsource Zone Free Zone and some of them are IT, healthcare, Call Centers, Logistics and many others.

Facilities at Dubai Outsource Zone

There are a number of facilities and benefits offered to the employees, companies and the foreign partners who are a part of Dubai Outsource Zone Free Zone.

The foreign partner companies having Free Zone Registration at Dubai Outsource can enjoy the tax free income and business at for almost 50 years and also a 100% ownership of their business. Apart from these they can also enjoy a reduced cost for real estate, legal laws that complement the international law, and also profit on business without any restriction.

The lifestyle at Dubai is an attraction for a number of countries and thus there is never a shortage of workforce at Dubai Outsource Zone Free Zone. Companies at the Outsource Zone can easily access to high skilled professionals from countries like Egypt, India, Jordan, Iran and others. Due to the developed environment at Dubai, Dubai Outsource Zone Free Zone has also advantage for a number of off shore companies.

Dubai has been ranked as the most advanced cities of the world and thus facilities at Dubai Outsource Zone Free Zone include highly developed telecom services with best connectivity, and technical support. There are also other facilities under the same roof of Dubai Outsource Zone Free Zone that includes office spaces, internet services, housing services, research centre and the most important are the services for recruitment of employees and registration of companies along with immigration services.

Registration of companies at Dubai Outsource Zone

Dubai is known among the most developed cities in the world and it is still getting even more developed day by day. The level of development at Dubai can be measured with some of the iconic projects such as Burj Al Arab and The Palm. Not only for development, Dubai is also known for its safety measure and this is the reason Dubai has been ranked to be the safest city for consecutive four years by Interpol thus inviting people from all over the world to be a part of it.

Dubai Outsource Zone Free Zone has already some of the best and leading companies across the world and still there are many more other companies that are getting registered. For getting Free Zone Registration for Dubai Outsource Zone, the companies have to approach Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority. To get registered at Dubai Outsource Zone Free Zone companies get a choice for commercial license and then accordingly they have to submit the filled up application form along with the relevant documents followed by other legal proceedings.