The sole motto of the Dubai FREE Zones right now is to cater to the various sectors of industry with a compliant area to carry on with their businesses and functions. One such area developed by the Government of Dubai 1 is the International Humanitarian City Free Zone or more popularly known as the IHC. The International Humanitarian City Free Zone in Dubai is dedicated to helping a number of companies and International Undertakings to produce Humanitarian Services for masses on a worldwide basis. These services are aimed towards producing a better and standard lifestyle for one and all.

Help from professionals :

There are a number of steps that are incorporated in setting up your establishment in the International Humanitarian City Free Zone. Going through these different steps and making the right choices might get to be quite engaging as well as confusing in case if you are new to the field. This is where the role of professional help becomes imperative. The Free Zone Registration UAE is a company that rises to the occasion in every possible way to help these companies, have their businesses and organizations get their Free Zone Registration in the most effective way. Some of the various helps that the firm provides in setting up your organization in Intl. Humanitarian City Free Zone includes -

Consultancy services

Registration help & assistance

Help in choosing amongst the different types of ownership

Help in choosing the right financial partners

Providing end to end solutions, etc.

Apart from this the Free Zone Registration can explain to you better the different advantages that you can enjoy by setting up your humanitarian services in the Intl. Humanitarian City Free Zone.

The facilities from IHC:

The IHC or the International Humanitarian City Free Zone is an independent authority that has been initiated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum with the most reliable and the professional help from the Government of Dubai. The International Humanitarian City Free Zone has mainly come into being with the collaboration between the Dubai Humanitarian City (DHC) and the Dubai Aid City (DAC).

The best part of the International Humanitarian City Free Zone is that it is a non political and non religious organization with a diverse range of efficient and specialized services. These services have facilitated a number of different operations, which include- establishment of offices, facilities management, conference management, devising portals for recruitments, government services, gathering and providing volunteers for diverse humanitarian services, holding and sponsoring public events and finally pro- Bono work. Other facilities extended by Intl. Humanitarian City Free Zone includes press office functions and also donor assistance.

Other than enjoying these facilities, registering with Intl. Humanitarian City Free Zone can also help you spread your services and linking to a lot more people who might need the kind of humanitarian help you.

Have to provide. Ever since the establishment of Intl. Humanitarian City Free Zone as a leading Dubai FREE Zones in 2003, a number of NGOs and other humanitarian organizations have set up their establishments here to offer the best humanitarian services in a tax and custom free environment.