We are one of the leading PRO service firm in Dubai. We help clients in the process of document clearing services. We at P.R.O services in Dubai offers a wide array of Public Relations Services ( P.R.O ).A Professional P.R.O services firm in Dubai, we help and assist companies setup their businesses. P.R.O services in Dubai has a dedicated team of experts and we are performance oriented organization who works for the development of all the clientele requirement and needs. We maintain the discipline in our work and our dedicated staff aims to offer one of the best Public Relations Services ( P.R.O ) especially with respect and regard to free zone registrations services , immigration services, ministries, government departments , there by saving time and money by providing the most effective, efficient and most reliable services. P.R.O services in Dubai works as an integral part for the client needs for setting up of a business with regards to getting the company registered under Dubai labor law and company act.

A Public Relations Officer has a diverse role to play more so complex then any other incumbent of any department in the organization. The Services offers or rendered by a P.R.O mainly deals with all the legalities aspects related to the firm. The presence of a professional Public Relations Officer ( P. R. O ) helps lot of things for the company and have immense importance.< /p>

A Public Relations Officer ( P.R.O ) is a go to person when it comes to getting the company registered and having a trade license certificate issued.

A Public Relations Officer ( P.R.O ) will represent your company in the matters of relating and pertaining to approvals from Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Government Departments and Chamber of Commerce.

Consular affairs

Company registrations.

Attestation of Documents

Attestation of Import/ Export Documents

Processing of Documents from Chamber of Commerce and Dubai Municipality

Arranging the necessary required visas for employees from business visas to visit visas, also family visas to the employees , and also works on the extension for such visas.

A P.R.O is a person who generally keeps all the employees passports with himself in the office only to send it forward to the Ministry of Labor.Once the Passport is obtained from a newly joined employee. A P.R.O performs the duties to process the employee visa and renewal.

In many companies in Dubai , the companies ideally prefers a local person to hire for the P.R.O job as this is the most important jobs for any company and having a local guy can solve lot of lingu.istic issues that relates to language barriers. whether you have a local or and expat working as a P.R.O in your company does help and provide assistance in the affairs relating to all government and semi government works, also assist in the areas of chambers of commerce, ministry of foreign affairs, notary, ministry of justice, foreign affairs attestation.

P.R.O plays a key role in the registration of a New Trade License.